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Telling city identity

It doesn’t matter whether you are marketing city, country or a company but at the end it doesn’t have very much significance how we see ourselves.  Only it matters how our customers see us. That’s why we should build customer insight inside our sights and services and create a thrilling story to grab their attention. We all care about the image, the brand. In fact, the core of the tourism lies in the image that they have in beforehand and how that image is given during the visit.
Have a thrilling and exciting story – create a unique identity to brand and offer for your customers.

We have in Telling Company Ltd also experience in projects concerning urban planning and transition. We have worked on how to transform the identity of the old city areas to new usage or how to create totally new urban districts.


Telling sights

Tourist attractions, such as monuments, parks and so on tend to look often uninteresting and unappealing for the arriving tourists and other visitors – even to the citizens themselves. We in Telling Company Ltd can help you to get the statues and other tourist attractions more appealing with urban planning. Our Telling sights -concept makes stories of the history of your city or nation become interestingly visible.

The stories are created by using the methods of film narrative and service design with an emphasis on user engagement. User-friendly technological solutions provide the access to these stories just beside the concrete attractions.

We are more than happy to discuss how we could help you in getting your tourist attractions and urban districts extremely appealing and full of unique identity.

Click into the fascinating worlds of stories: Telling sights -concept

Until now we have carried out Statues talk to you –project with construction office of Helsinki city. The project won silver in municipal marketing competition. Further information:

In the Finland 100 programme we executed shortmovies about Finnish presidents. Project will open in a new way history of Finnish independence. Further information:

urban planning, the map of statues

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